Welcome to the first newsletter for 2017.

Hopefully we enjoyed our somewhat typical HB summer and rather soggy autumn and are now ready to tackle the hopefully not too cold winter.

Well we have had our various AGMs, got our various committees sorted out. So now let’s get on with it.

Joff Hulbert



The branch AGM’s were held in February and Club AGM in March resulting in the following members being elected as officers:

Napier Branch

Club Captain:     Joff Hulbert, Ph: 844 9472

Secretary:           Sue Floyd

Treasurer:           John Keenan

Hastings Branch

Club Captain:     Bernie Bowden, Ph: 876 9701

Secretary:           Ben Wright

Treasurer:           Bruce Arnold

Executive Committee

President:           Robyn Wolfsbauer, Ph: 8437071

Treasurer:           Robyn Galloway

Secretary:           Sue Sheely

Thanks to those who were elected as branch committee members as well – I hope you enjoy the year ahead.

This year at the Club AGM, Barbara Hooker became a life member. Barbara has worked tirelessly for the club for decades and in recent years has been our financial accounts “reviewer”.

The Don Edmundson Cup for “service” this year was awarded to Liz Holt and Jenny Keenan for their organization of our “social activities”. For those who do participate, Jenny, Liz and their group do a sterling job and result in a great deal of merriment!

The meeting voted to leave the subscriptions at the same rate as last year. These are now due, so please pay (either on line or hand in to Joff or Bernie- it is essential to fill out the form emailed to members so we can amend any changes in your details.


April Fools – 1 April

Thanks to Liz, Jenny and their team of helpers (not forgetting John K the bus driver) for the fascinating visit to the Taylor Corp apple pack house. Many of us had no idea what happens to an apple once picked and before we chomp on it. All so hi tech, they know who picked what apple, when and where!!  This was followed by a rather yum lunch at the Puketapu Pub.

The next Social event being organised by “the team” will be on 01 July. Mark that in your calendar, details will be released shortly.


Well done “Alice in Whakatane” (may I ask who the ** is Alice).  I think that’s the 5th outing for Yvonne and Jill and the 1st time for the blokes, Colin and Gavin from Wellington. Glad the weather was better than last year. It’s certainly a gruelling event, 100 km off road, it gets dark out there however Boof is a reliable beacon.

This team trained damned hard and in addition had to fund raise.

Hastings Club Rooms

The Hastings Branch is now back in their relocated and done up old cricket pavilion building on the Havelock North Domain. It looks great (though as of yet I’ve only seen the outside). It’s certainly a great location.

Learn to Run

Another course started on 01 March. Thanks to Elly, Kevin and Gary for ably organising this important activity. While the numbers doing it are lower than hoped for, those who are learning are certainly enjoying it, despite the dreaded niggly aches and pains.

The “graduation” is to be held on 07 May when we have an estimated time 5km event starting at 8.30 on our standard Park Island and walkway circuit. Hopefully lots of our members will also enter and try their estimating skills.

Rotorua Marathon

Lon gone are the days when we travelled in convoy, booked out numerous motels, met up in the “Office Bar” for pre-race drinks as up to a hundred or so members “did” Rotorua.

What’s happened?

This year I think only 1 or 2 are doing the half marathon. All the best to you and hope the wind off the Lake stays away.

Air NZ Hawke’s Bay Marathon

Maybe this event has killed off interest in the Rotorua marathon as it’s the week after. Last year they achieved nearly 5000 entries and organisers seem confident of matching that this year.

While provincial marathons seem to have lost a lot of interest in recent years these far more expensive, no prizes events for some unknown reason seem to appeal more!!

It still seems strange to me that people will pay near enough to $5 per km to enter this event, but baulk at paying around $2 per km for what was our well organized events (and we had prizes).

But I had better bite my tongue (ouch) as I have entered the marathon again and 4 or 5 other club members have entered the half marathon. This year I hope the limestone trails are compacted and the day is fine. It would be a very slippery event in the rain, particularly in the vineyards. Let’s hope the event runs smoothly and remains on our calendar for years ahead.

So all the best to those from the club who have entered it.

The Mothers’ Day Mile

The year is flying by what with Mothers’ Day a mere couple of weeks away on 14th May. All members are invited to meet at the Hastings Branch Club rooms (8.15am) at the Havelock North Domain and take part in the “estimated time mile” followed by the scrummiest breakfast.

Young Brian Steele, aka Mr Lada, the event organiser from year dot, has again been persuaded to perform his role for yet again the last time. This really is a must do event. Will there be another Lada trophy to grace some lucky soul’s trophy cabinet? Might be a tad harder for some this year as it’s the day after the HB Marathon, I sense some feeble excuses being offered.

Hi Viz Gear

Now that winter is almost upon us and the nights have got longer we need to stress that you should be seen when pounding the streets. Nothing worse when driving a car and suddenly seeing a cyclist, a runner, a walker out there on the road, in dark gear. Please make sure you are seen and at night or early mornings you wear something which alerts the driver, a belt or jacket which reflects. Basic common sense really.

Future Newsletters

I’ll do one around June - any items of interests you think should be included forward them to me, email address: ghulbert@clear.net.nzOf course with email and the Facebook page we do get more instant updates.